Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day {Weekend}

What an AMAZING weekend!!!

So... Friday and Saturday I was getting everything ready for my soldier to get home.  I cleaned house (and it was sparkling), mowed the lawn & got everything ready for his welcome home celebration!!!

everything was coming along just perfect!!
After hanging the banner above the garage.  Keep in mind I had to have help with it, because I'm scared of hights :-/ ... So my Momma came over and helped me!! :-)
I have all the flags put out. :-)
even in the plant on top of the mailbox!
After getting all the flags put out and the Banner hung... I wasn't even a lil' done.  I went inside and started baking cupcakes & cookies!! 
They were so yummy!!!
After baking, I did a few lil' things to surprise my Soldier....
What soldier wouldn't want a cold beer after being in the sandbox for weeks?! ;-)
Then a lil' something that my soldier likes ... even though I wish he didn't! :-)
I had this in the bathroom, so when he went to shower he seen it!
So after all the hard work I put into this homecoming... It was just the waiting game!  The butterflies were overwhelming me.  I could hardly wait to see him.  But let me tell you.... It was worth ever long day/weeks.  Because when he walked in the door it was like seeing him for the very first time.  I'm in LoVe!!
YAYYYY!!!!  HE'S HoMe!!!!!
Welcome HoMe BABYY!!!!!!!

He's unpacking all his stuff, and I'm just so flippin' HaPPy he's HoMe!!!
The Boys were excited Daddy was home but they were also busy counting all their hotwheels!!  Lol!

[Monday] Memorial Day!!

Fred & Tim playing college football on the Wii.
While they were having fun, I was in the kitchen getting things ready for our cookout!
Everything was ready, Just waiting on my soldier to get the burgers ready to grill ....
Tim, doing what he does best [texting]!!!
The boys playing Xbox!
Time to grill!!
The guys playing football ....

Me and My Soldier!!!!

Me & Jeana


Momma & Me
Haha... Can you tell, we went shopping together?! ;-)

Momma gave Fred a coin for Memorial Day....
The coin says on one side...
"Ladies Auxiliary
To The Veterans Of Foreign Wars"
The other side says...
"We Thank You For Your Service And Pray For Your Continued Safety"
It was a very nice coin and it made him SMiLe so BiG!!!

Here's a few more pic's of the weekend .....

~The EnD oF OuR WeeKeNd~
I'm so so glad he's HoMe!!!

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