Wednesday, May 11, 2011

how FAR can TRUE LOVE travel?!

My love for my soldier is a FOREVER kinda LOVE!!!  Distance may keep us apart, but it only makes us Closer & STRONGER together!!! :)  I truly believe everyone needs a break from each other every now and then.  But only a military wife know's what it's like not having your man for weeks, months, or even a year at a time.  WE have a lot on our plate, sometimes it's more than we can handle.  But in the end when he's back HOME ... it's worth it all... every sleepless night, even having to do all the manly chores, it's worth it all.  && I don't mind WAiTiN' on a SOLDiER!!! ;) 
I love this MAN with EVERYTHiNG I am!!

The night of May 14th, they're taking their phones away for about 11 days.  So we wont be talking or texting during that time.  I'm not really looking forward to it.  It makes it easier, to hear his voice, or even get random text from him.  It makes the heart SMiLE!! :) But I will keep my word and be strong until he's back home in my arms!!
Stayin' strong & waitin' on my soldier!!

Hope everyone has a great day!!!

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