Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Call me CRAZY!!!

To all you iPHONE users... Have you ever been texting someone and forget to check whose text was already open, and realize after you sent it... It went to the wrong person?!? Lol well that happend to me earlier today. I made this video of me singing & thought I was sending it to my wonderful Hubby. Well it didn't get to him, cause It was sent to my cousin Angel Lol!!! So needless to say she got a good laugh too. & My hubby was glad to see the concert of me singing as well. LOL!! I know... I'm crazy! ;-) 


  1. lol!!!! PLEASE tell me you were clothed!!!!!

  2. Lol!!! Yes I was full clothed! I was in the car. Angel, said to me.. she was glad I wasn't naked Lol!!!