Monday, June 6, 2011

I LoVe WeeKeNdS!!

Friday:  My sweet soldier, picked up this cute lil' whin holder that I ordered.  Hah... isn't it cute?!  I think so!!
Friday Night:  I had the BEST time!!  I love hanging with this group of people.  They know... just how to have fun.  And I'm all about F.U.N!!! ;-)
I had the best time.  Hah.. when we first got there, Fred said he wanted me so drunk... he'd have to carry me out.  Lol well he got his wish, cause he had to carry me out of there.  I tell you what... I was feeling really good.  We got home and he cooked breakfast for me.. what a sweet hubby he is.  After eating, we went to bed.
Saturday:  I woke up and I was still drunk :-/ .. not good.  Later that day I starting feeling a lil' better. 
I went to Mark's Hobby Shop with Fred & my Daddy.  We went so we could buy a new lil' batter for Fred's lil' remote control helicopter.  Before we left that place... The both ended up buying remote control helicopters.  Fred bought a bigger one.
He was very excited about flyin' the bigger one.  He got everything ready and out the door we went...
 Yay... he got that bad boy up :-)
 It almost looks like a real one up in the sky :-)
It was so fun watching him fly it, but he crashed it on the street and it broke one of the landing gears.  So tomorrow I'm making a visit to the Hobby shop to buy more landing gears for the hubby!!  :-)
Saturday Night:  My sweet, sweet Soldier decided to cook dinner for me.
 These were Yummy!!!!!
It was his idea to have a candle light dinner!!!  I loved every moment!!
My Sweetheart!
I enjoyed our candle light dinner and a relaxing evening just ME & HIM!!
Sunday:  We woke up and the Fred headed out into the heat to presher wash OUR house!!  The house was very dirty.
He didn't waste no time.. on getting started.  He was ready to get it done.
While he was doing this... I was inside trying to decide where to put my new whin holder :-) .. I had a few places in mind, but I ended up putting it on top of the refrigerator.
The Zebra whin holder goes along with my rugs.  It's just a splash of something different in my kitchen.  And I love it!!
Then I added a few lil' things on top of this cabnet.
After doing the lil' things I did, I headed back outside to take some Gatorade to my sweet hubby and he looked as if he was getting wayyy to HOT!!!  I talked him into stoping and come inside until it cooled down outside.  He cleaned up and off to homedepot we went.  We bought a few things we needed and headed back home.   As soon as we got back Fred came inside and took a cat nap and back outside he went.  He finally finished our House and now it's all CLEAN!!!
I was so proud of him, cause he worked very hard in the HEAT to make our house look like it did, when we first bought it.  It looked NEW again!!! 
The rest of the evening we hung out, and I watered the grass. 
Sunday night:  The weekend was coming to an end ... and I wasn't ready for it to.  But over all I had a wonderful weekend!! 
I hope everyone has a great week.  Happy Monday to all.
*That's all for now*
~Tammy Grace

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