Monday, May 16, 2011

sleepless nights

Why is it so hard to fall asleep without your better half?!?!? It's like... I'm SO tired, but as soon as I hit the pillow my eyes are wide open and I start missing him more!  All I want is for 1, just one good night sleep!!! Ha, I don't think it'll happen until my soldier gets HOME.  Why does it seem like time is standing still?!?  One things for sure..... I'M ready for this weekend!!  The boys and I are taking a road-trip down to LA! :) It's a much needed mini vacation and sure will make time past quickly.

Ok... I am going to try and crawl back into bed and hopefully my lil' eyes will close & i will have the sweetest dreams of my sweet soldier-boy! :) G'night.


  1. You guys should make a road trip to TX! I hope the time goes by quickly for you and he is home soon! :)

  2. I know Jenn, we do need to make road trip down there. I miss you!! & yes I hope it does go by quickly... It wouldn't be as bad if I could talk or even text him. But they don't have their phones right now..for abour a total of 11 days :-(