Saturday, May 14, 2011


it's offical....
 My soldier and I cannot talk.... They've took all cell phones away from all the soldiers today, due to their training.  I will not hear from my soldier for about 13 days!!  It completely makes my heart hurt.  Someone once asked me, how are you even going to make it through a year without him, if you cannot get past a few weeks.....  Well, I have you to know, this is the first time being away from my HUSBAND!!  This isn't my first deployment {but it will be my first one with Fred... in the near feature}!  So what... if I whin a lot cause I miss my Soldier.... It makes me feel better to tell my close family & friends.  If you don't like to hear it, REMOVE me from YOUR facebook friends list! :-)  Call me a [b]... I don't care.  The ones who matter knows who they are. 
Loving a soldier isn't always what they say, And loving him is a high price to pay.  It's mostly loving with nothing to hold, it's being y.o.u.n.g yet feeling so old.  Remember he's thinking of you everyday.  He's sad and lonely from being away.  So love him, miss him, and know he's saying:  "I just want to hold her" And always be proud . . . . to love your soldier!!
In case you haven't already notice . . . . I am very proud of my soldier!!  He's the most precious husband and a loving father to our lil' boys.... he is a dedicated soldier and is very proud to serve his country.  He will bend over backwards just to make anyone happy.  He is a {family man} and loves to hang out with friends and having a good time. 

I could go on, and on about this wonderful man.  But..... I'd be up for days if I did :-)  . . . .  I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!!

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