Monday, May 9, 2011

My overwhelming weekend!!

MY "Mother's Day" Weekend!!

Not only was it Mother's Day weekend, but It was the weekend WE had to say "See ya' soon" to Our sweet Daddy & Hubby!  He left yesterday afternoon for 3-weeks, due to Military training. 

Friday, My sweet lil' baby boy "Harley" brought home a Mother's Day card for Me, that he'd made at school.

It was the sweetest thing I could ever get.  Inside was the most percious words a lil' boy could say to me.  I love being a Mommy!!  It takes a real woman to be a step Mommy!!

Later that Friday evening we had dinner on our patio. . . . .
We are just trying to spend as much time with the SWEET MAN in our life "Daddy & Hubby"!!
Saturday morning Fred, went to Dril to get things ready for them to leave yesterday!  The boys and I went shopping so I could spend my Birthday Money. . . . . . and this is what I got. . . . . .

I love making Our yard, and house pretty!!
Later that night when Fred got home we ordered pizza and had a movie night.  It was nice just the 4 of us spending lots and lots of good family time together!!!! 

Yesterday morning, we woke up and got ready to go see my Mommy!!!  Since it was Mother's Day!!

I love this woman so much "My Momma"!!!!  She has helped make me the woman I am today!!  She has tought me, to love and give lots of love!!  She is the best friend, any girl could ever ask for.  She is my rock!!  She is there for me know matter what!!! 

I truly hated having to leave my Mom's, because I knew it was getting closer to time for the Hubby to leave.  We got back home and I cooked a wonderful lunch for my loving hubby before he had to leave us.  We enjoyed Our dinner.  But look who is always the last ones to leave the table from every meal. . . . .

Yup, that's right . . . . Harley & Me!! Lol!!
It's always a fun time at the Johnson's dinner table.  Harley and I just eat the slowest.
After we were finally done with lunch, we went outside to take Mother's Day pic's together. . . .

Matt, Me, Harley! 
These are my sweet lil' boys!!

 We also took pictures with OUR SOLDIER . . . . .

"Daddy WE will Miss you"

WE will all miss OUR Soldier, More than he knows!!!!
NEVER say good-bye, good-bye is forever . . . . So. . . . I'll see ya' later!
He's loading up . . . . .

Watching Daddy . . . . . .

He hasn't even left at this point, but WE are already missin' HIM!!!!



And off he goes,
Missin' him already.

 "I dropped a tear in the ocean.  The day he finds it... is the day I will stop missing HIM"

I hope everyone had a beautiful Mother's Day!!  & I wish everyone to have an awesome week ahead!

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