Tuesday, May 17, 2011

my lovely day...
What a beautiful, quite day it has been for me. I haven't even had the tv on all day.  I've been doing laundry and getting things ready for when we leave friday to go to Louisiana. I cannot wait. If I can't have my soldier, then the next best thing is to hang out with family!!  Thats why I'm going to LA to hang with my hubbys sister and her husband!! Someone who is very special to my hubby & me!

"Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday"

So ... tonight, the boys and I are going to my parents for dinner.  I am so ready for some mommy comforting food.  Not that I need it.  Good food makes you feel better when your sad.
"I'm sad because my soldier isn't here."

Sunday & Monday I let my son Matt drive my car for the first time in our subdivison ..

he did really well... Lol my poor baby had to sit on a pillow to help see over the steering wheel... it was very cute watching him.  WE cannot wait to show daddy how well he does.  He's growing up and I'm not ready for him too. 
 I want him and my youngest to stay young & be home forever!! :)

{that's all for now}
Tammy Grace

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