Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Feel like giving up?!

It's been one of them days I just feel like giving up!
I think about how far I've came and I keep on keeping on!! 
What I really want is a BIG F-A-T Cheese burger!!!
  I'm so going to treat myself this weekend for sure!!!
Trying to stay focus and stay Strong, but it's a LOT harder than what I expected it to be.. That's for sure!!! 
Having a bowl of fruit and a smart one for lunch!  Staying on track, but I will say it's very hard for me today!  But I'm NOT giving UP!!!!!
Who ever said dieting was easy?!  It's not but I will say I will be a LOT happier in the long run.  Looking forward to a sexier body!! :)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

I'm cRaZy about Him!!

Short and Sweet......  I sure do miss him!!  I'm so ready for Sunday to get here, so I can see him!!!  Hurry up already!!!  Very PROUD Armywifey!! 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Working Out & Feeling GREAT!!! ;))

As of March 9th it has been 2-weeks since I've been on this Amazing Journey called "The Bikinki Body Mommy Challenge"!!!  And I'm VERY PROUD to annouce that I'm down 8lbs. WOOT, WOOT!!! :)  I have 2 very special ladies to thank for that... Rebecca & Jeana (my sister in laws)!!  Without them, I wouldn't have made it this far!!!  And of course I cannot leave my sweet husband out either.... He's been my BIGGEST cheerleader through this all!!!  And with that said.... It makes me wanna try even harder!!!  Saturday I decide to try on A pair of my BKE jeans that I haven't been able to wear in 2 years!!!  Talkin' about one happy lil' mama.... I was so stinkin' excited because they finally fit me again!!! :) 
I am looking forward to our family vacation in July... I cannot wait to see what I look like then!!! ;)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Changing for a better Me!!!

Oh February 23rd I decide to make a change in my life and become a better and healthier woman...
Let the Journey begin!!!
Special thanks to my sister n law Rebecca for intoducing me to the 90 day Bikini Body Mommy Challenge!!  
I'm not gonna lie... it's been tough for me in the begining.  I'm on my 2nd week and it is getting a lil easier.  I've only had one break down but I didn't allow it to take control of me... 
Thanks to my wonderful family who is supporting me along the way!  I don't think I could do it without support!  I know this is gonna be a long journey but I'm ready for it!!!!