Thursday, February 23, 2012

What a beautiful day, that's being wasted.

GEt OuTSide

enjoy this nice weather before it goes away!!

All week long I've been sick with a head~cold (ugh).  Today is the first day I've actually felt really good!  I wish I was outside enjoying this beautiful day, but the wind is blowing really hard and I don't want it messing with my sinuses again...needless to say I'm stuck inside today (bumed).  I'm praying I stay feeling good!!!!
Last weekend I had an amazing weekend with my hunnie in Texas!!!  Lol it kinda felt like a mini honeymoon all over again ;)
This weekend...
I'm really excited about it!  We've got so much fun things instore I can hardly wait!! ;)  Looking forward to some much needed family time with my fam!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day and don't forget to hug those you love and let them know just how much you love them!!


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