Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Valentines day.

Ok.. So i've been laggin' a lil'. 
Sorry it's taking me forever to let you know what my sweet hubby did for me on Valentines day.

Well, we kinda started a lil' early on the Valentines date.
Saturday Night~
We headed out to dinner at "Colton Steak House"
then we were off to the movies to watch "The Vow"!  It's a must see... I loved the movie very much.  It's definitely a chic flick ;)

Sunday Night~
It was a lil' alone time in the bedroom, with a room full of candle light, just me & him!

Valentines Day~
I spent the the whole day with my sweet hubby!!
We had a lunch date and spent some quality time together and enjoying our day before the boys got home from school.

This is what my hunnie got me...
My favorite "Dove Chocolate candy",  A Sweet card, and A massage gift certificate!!  Well appreciative!

Monday Night~
We ordered pizza from Papa Johns for Us and the Boys and I baked some goodies!

Heart Pizza.

Cookies & Chocolate.

Over all.. I'd say.. we all had a great Valentines day!
The boys enjoyed their lil' valentines we got them. 

The Hubby LOVED his "For his eyes only" picture book that I had made for him!! ;D

I hope everyone is having a great week.  I've been sick with a head-cold since Sunday.  Praying I start feeling better before the weekend gets here.  I don't wanna be sick while we are having fun... just ME & HIM!!!

That's all for now.
Xo, tammy

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