Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's a LOVE story!!

every love storyisBEAUTIFUL ... but OURS is my favoirte!!©©
when I first looked into his eyes...
my first thought was... wow he has the most gorgeous blue eyes I had ever seen.  I knew then I was gonna be one lucky gal if I could win his heart over.  But before I knew it, he had already stoled my heart.  I then told him it's forever.  And forever is forever until death do us apart.  Those words truly are what my heart feels for this man.  I do not picture my life without him.  Marriage is for life and that's the way God wants it.  I don't say "I love you" cause it's a habit.. I say it because I truly love this man with everything that I am!!  Without this man, I would be nothing.
I'm just a southern gal living in my fairy tale!
Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for me & him!!

Is your marriage "FireProof"?!
This is a wonderful movie!  If you haven't already seen it... You should.  Every married couple should watch this...even if you're not having problems.  I recommend it to any couple. 

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