Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'm LoViNg...

I am LoViNg that I am getting back into a healthy kick... and I'm sticking to it for the simple fact, I'll feel better.

I am LoViNg the fact that I'm....

I'm LoViNg that the good Lord blessed US with a Beautiful day!!

I am LoViNg that I'm an Army Wife!

I'm LoViNg the Fact that I'm a Mommy to these 2 boys!

I'm LoViNg that we have AMAZING family & friends!

I'm LoViNg that I got to spend the whole day with this guys that I call my Baby!

I am loving that the Bachelor is back on.
(Love that show)

I am LoViNg the fact that we are gonna be more productive about our money this year!!! :)

I am LoViNg that I'm a GiRlie GiRL!

Lol.. I'm loving the Ellen SHOW!! ;)

Last but not least...
I'm loving the fact that I know we're gonna have a GREAT year!!

»-(¯`v´¯)-» Hope everyone has a wonderful night!!

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