Friday, December 9, 2011

Excited the weekend is here!!

So much to do today, to get our weekend started!!

"Are you ready for Christmas?!"
I think I'm ready as I'll ever be!!  I still need to wrap all the gifts... So let the F.U.N begin!!  I love wrapping gifts and making each and everyone of them special.  I put a lot of thought and love in each gift that I wrap!  "so much fun"!!

So glad the weekend is finally here!!  Saturday is my youngest boy's Birthday PARTY!!!  He is so excited and we are too!!  His theme is Captain America!! 
Sunday: We are taking a few Christmas family pic's!!  Kinda excited to see how they turn out.  Ha Ha.. Cause I'm taking them myself ;)

I will for sure post pic's later of our wonderful weekend!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


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