Friday, December 23, 2011

Having the B.E.S.T day!!!

My day has started off so G.O.O.D!!!
This morning the Hubby's alarm clock goes off at 5:20am like it does every work day.  He hits snooze like always.  He finally gets up and gets ready for work (by getting his uniform on)!  Before leaving he came into the bedroom and woke me up by kissing me and telling me he was headed to work.

After saying i'll see you later & kissin' him back.. I was right back to sleep!

An hour and half later I'm still in bed sleeping.  I feel someone get on the bed.. I figured it was my lil' Harley coming to ask me if he could eat breakfast :) .. But they seemed to move in closer to me and wrapped their arm around me and I'm thinking... this isn't my lil' Harley. "mind you.. I still haven't opened my eyes" Finally I hear a voice whisper in my ear.. "Babyyy, I love you!!"  I then open my eyes and see it's my sweet Hubby :)!!!

  I said.. what are you doing back home?  He said I forgot I took a day of leave.  Lol really you forgot?  No, but I couldn't tell you..cause the Daddy had to play Santa and go get the Momma some Christmas gifts.  And I picked up a few more for the boys too.
Well let me tell you.... I WAS SO FLIPPIN' EXCITED!!!  I couldn't stop smiling and I even started crying and laughing...Lol!  Cause I was so overwhelmed with J.O.Y!!!  "Call me a geek but I can't help it."  So then he says I'm gonna let you go back to sleep and I said no I can't I'm too excited :) and he kisses me again and says ok :) I brought you breakfast!!  YOU DID?!!! :)  Yup, I brought you some Shipley's donuts!:) I said.. Ok i'm getting up!! Lol.

Last night:
I just said to him.... I wish you was off on Friday.  And the lil' turkey told me he wishes he was too... when all along he knew he was!! :-P 

And he did a VERY good job at making me the happiest Girl ever!!

I'm still smiling and will be all day long!!  
I Love My Sweet, Sweet Hubby!!♥♥♥

I hope everyone has a AWESOME day!! :)

I hope all your Christmas wishes come true!!!  My God bless you all with good food, family, & friends!! 
Always remember to smile, cause know matter what... Your smile will make someones day! ;)


  1. OMG...that's so super sweet!!! You have an awesome hubby and are one lucky girl ;)

  2. Awhh..Ticia thank you so much!! I think so too ;)!! Love ya! xoxo!!